Dinos Geburt war eine der Geburten, die ich wohl nie vergessen werde. Geboren neben dem Esstisch, begleitet Sarah und Michelle von der Milla-Hebammenpraxis (künftig Novia-Hebammen), hatte Dino wohl einer der schönsten Geburten, die man sich vorstellen kann.
Vielen Dank an Mikaela für den Geburtsbericht.

As I kissed our daughter goodnight the first contraction hit me. It was as if my body knew our first child was sleeping happily and wham the waves were free to roll in. I could feel our boy spiralling down, so powerful it was hard to catch my breath. 
Contractions started at 4 mins apart and the gaps grew shorter with speed. I was so sure the labour would be a gradual process over 12 hours or more (as I had experienced with our daughter), I felt no need to immediately call our midwife. I put my headphones on and shut the door of our windowless shower-room, a space where I knew I could easily find my ‘inner monkey’. Here I found my breath and started to move my pelvis with each contraction, my little birth dance had begun.
An hour later my husband arrived back from the long goodnight to our 20 month old. He was taken back to see me in the thick of things and called our midwife. Before our midwife arrived I wanted the slow dance we had shared at our first daughters birth. Time had stood still as we had shared in revelling at the beauty of the space between two worlds. As my husband nodded to my wish and we moved to each other my waters broke. 
Clasping the kitchen table the labour now moved at a new and quite relentless pace. There was no space for a slow dance anymore. As our first midwife arrived my husband was hurriedly tried to get the birth pool together. The pauses had disappeared and I felt myself slipping into the final phase of our sons birth. ‘I want to push’ I told our midwife, the birth pool would have to stay in it’s box.

Hausgeburt Novia-Hebammen Geburtsfotografie Frankfurt: Mama gebärt Kind auf dem Boden

It had been less than two hours and now I was afraid his final arrival would be too rapid. But like magic everything slowed down. Our midwives crouched nearby, silently supporting us with calm smiles. His head gently arrived and I moved onto the floor to the steady embrace of my husband. 
We kissed and laughed, both of us beaming at each other, ‘he’s about to come’. I touched his soft head and wiggled into a more comfortable position to greet our son.

Mutter gebärt Kind im Knien - Hausgeburt Frankfurt Geburtsfotografie
Papa lächelt während Hausgeburt
Papa säubert Baby nach Hausgeburt

Less than ten minutes later I caught him and took him to my breast, and as I had with his sister, untangled the cord from his neck. He was so peaceful, eyes closed and not a sound, for a moment I panicked. ‘Is he ok?’ I asked the midwives, ‘yes, he is perfect. He is just sleeping’. 

Mama schaut ungläubig nach Geburt
Papa schaut stolz auf Baby nach Hausgeburt
Mama schaut Baby nach Hausgeburt an
Mama unterhält sich mit Hebamme nach Hausgeburt mit Baby im Arm
Hebamme trägt Plazenta weg
Familie entspannt nach Hausgeburt

The whole birth lasted only a few short hours, by morning his sister would wake and with her usual sleepy gallop arrive into our arms where she would meet her new brother. With the gentle support of our midwifery team our family had made the wonderful transition from three to four.

Hebamme untersucht Baby nach Hausgeburt
Neugeborenes stillt nach Hausgeburt
Mama und Baby kuscheln nach Hausgeburt
Mama kuschelt mit Baby nach Hausgeburt

Annemarie Lea ist eine Geburtsfotografin aus Frankfurt am Main.
Sie begleitet Hausgeburten, Geburten im Geburtshaus und Klinikgeburten in Frankfurt, Offenbach, Hanau, Mainz, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden und dem kompletten Rhein-Main-Gebiet.

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